Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following an injury is the return of the patient through exercises and stretches to their pre-injury level of activity. This activity can take many forms from returning to work, returning to sport (amateur and professional) or being able to play with the kids.

When you suffer an injury, due to pain and lack of movement you begin to lose mobility and strength in the affected area. As the length of time since you suffered your injury increases, it is more difficult just to step straight back into your normal activities. Without the rehabilitation exercises, patients tend to experience regular flare-ups of their injuries. The problem with having these flare-ups is that it weakens the area further, therefore opening it up to more frequent flare-ups.

During the rehab part of your treatment, you will be given exercises to meet your individual needs. Each patient requires different movements and strength due to the difference of activities that they are required to return to. So your rehab programme is tailored specifically to you and your goals.

You will be gently guided through your exercises during a session, and then you will be given exercises to do in between treatments. Doing these exercises increases your chance of full recovery and shortens your recovery time. Back