"Kev is a valued asset to the Reading medical team, his expertise in providing rehabilitation programs for individual recovery has regularly aided and sped up their return to fitness.  The personal nature and detail of his advice, is something that the players have all benefitted from whether that be preventing unnecessary fatigue and injury, or the rehabilitation.

Kevin Coles

Reading FC Coach

"I have known and worked with Kev for about 4 years, both as a competitive fencer and fencing coach. As a competitive fencer Kev work with me to develop my physical performance, by taking time to listen and observe the individual requirements of the sport, this being speed, flexibility, a rapid recovery rate. In addition to this Kev help to prevent and deal with any injuries that I may have had by regular massages' to sport specific area, such as the sword hand, forearm as well as the legs.     With this knowledge and experience Kev has been able to support my fencing students optimize their performance. This has been to help Wiltshire Fencing Union, a number of regional champions and international fencers at both senior and junior levels."

Alan Knowles

Fencing Instructor

"I have been a professional motocross rider for 13 years now. Physical fitness, sports massage and injuries all come with my job. Since moving to Swindon in 2009 I got involved with Kev Tonner. I am a member of next generation health and fitness club where I first met Kev. Whether it is a sports massage or a niggling injury I need treated, Kev has always solved the problem. He's dedicated and focused on his job which always brings out a good end result. Kev is a friendly guy and takes a good interest in any sport. I will continue to use him as it helps me to be ready to race at the weekends."

Stephen Sword

(Pro Motocross Rider)

"As a fencer I use a range of muscles throughout my body with the two main areas being the muscles in my legs and sword arm. Having recently experienced a strain injury in my forearm and elbow, I was recommended to make an appointment to see Kev. He is a true professional and his friendly approach quickly puts you at ease. His work extends beyond the appointment as he has often brought in various recovery aids which he has looked into during his own time. Kev adopts a methodical approach to treatment and it has only been possible for me to compete this season due to his treatment.   Beyond my arm injury, Kev has also worked on other muscle groups which have made a significant improvement in my performance."

"If you are looking to improve your performance or recovery from an injury, I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Kev."

Clive Ambrose-Williams


"Last year I tore one of the cartilages in my left knee, first gradually and then abruptly. This stopped me doing all the activities I normally do (running, fencing, Tae Kwon Do and historic martial arts) and often made it hard to walk."

"Kev helped me to diagnose it, keep my leg moving until I had surgery, find other exercise that I could do around my bad knee and then rehabilitate after surgery."

"I continue to see him on a regular basis both for training and therapy and have no hesitation in recommending him to friends, colleagues and patients (as I’m a local GP)."

DR Deirdre Godfray

General Practioner