All individuals are treated holistically according to injury. This means that the cause of injury will be treated, not just the symptoms. An initial assessment runs accordingly after a brief medical history and points of relevance have been noted. A physical assessment is followed up to determine a diagnosis and a therapy programme develops from evaluation of injury, involving rehabilitation and treatment. Home rehabilitation and advice are given to assist the return of full functional fitness in the shortest, safest time.

Injury Examination and Assessment

Sports Massage/Deep Tissue and Advanced Massage Techniques

The techniques that I use have been developed to ensure effective and efficient results are gained from each massage given. There are a huge number of benefits to massage... Read more

Mobilisations (Maitlands)

There are 5 different grades of mobilization and they are believed to produce different effects and are used in all stages of treatment from the acute to the very chronic. What are Joint Mobilisations?... Read more

Ultrasound & Electrotherapy

Ultrasound generates high frequency sound waves that I can use to help decrease pain and encourage the healing process. This treatment helps in reducing inflammation and muscle spasm and accelerates healing. Electrotherapy treatment results in... Read more

Postural Assessment and Back Pain

Postural issues and back pain is a very common condition and can affect adults and children of all ages. It is estimated that... Read more

Injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation following an injury is the return of the patient through exercises and stretches to their pre-injury level of activity. This activity can take many forms from returning to work, returning to sport... Read more

Running and Walking Gait Analysis

Gait analysis can help fine tune your running or walking style to prevent injury as well as increase your efficiency.